Alex Lucio is the Chief Executive Officer at 3B Medical, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of medical devices for the treatment of sleep disordered breathing.

AlexLucio3BMedicalcompressorInitially, Alex Lucio took great interest in 3B Medical Inc., a manufacturer of sleep-disordered breathing equipment, for a number of reasons. Not only was the company focused on producing high quality healthcare technology, but that technology had the ability to dramatically alter the lives of sleep patients (and their spouses!) for the better. For Alex Lucio, being a part of something that could significantly impact the lives of others was a reward in itself.

Alex began his journey with 3B Medical Inc. as a managing partner, before being promoted to Executive Vice President in November of 2011. Since then, he has been responsible for regulatory oversight of 3B Medical’s line of CPAP machines, face masks, and other products, as well as competitive analysis of the sleep disordered breathing market, mainly focusing on sleep apnea. Most recently, Alex Lucio serves as the company spokesman for 3B Medical Inc. As a company that is picking up steam in Central Florida, Alex has been quoted in a handful of local newspapers including the Florida Business Observer and The Tampa Bay Business Journal. As for placement in industry news, Alex Lucio has been featured in HomeCare Magazine and Home Medical Equipment News as well.

As an innovator in the sleep disordered breathing products sector, 3B Medical Inc. has produced a line of CPAP, Auto-CPAP and Bi-Level devices that are fully featured with comprehensive compliance and efficacy data reporting. Alex Lucio and the 3B Medical Inc. team realized the challenge healthcare professionals had capturing patient compliance data, and thus the development of iCodeConnect™ was put into motion.

The iCodeConnect™ patient management portal allows for a cloud based solution to compliance data reporting, and was designed from the ground up with payer hooks for easy data integration with third party software and private payers. Ultimately, iCodeConnect™ makes managing and treating sleep disorder patients easier and more efficient. More recently, 3B Medical Inc. announced that Patient TouchPoint, a patient management and scheduling engine powered by CMB Solutions, would be integrated into iCodeConnect. The integration allows for users to more seamlessly utilize their resources.

3B Medical has also introduced a solution for cleaning CPAP masks. The LuminⓇ is a new way for CPAP users to clean the CPAP mask and other related accessories. A UV light within the device works to disinfect and sanitize pathogens, harmful bacteria, and fungi. Disinfecting with this device is completely safe and there is also no harmful ozone. In the past ozone has been linked to lung and respiratory irritation by the EPA. LuminⓇ only takes 5 minutes to disinfect up to 99.9% of all harmful bacteria. The 3B Medical team has also rolled out another disinfecting device called the 3B Lumin Bullet for CPAP Hose Disinfection. Just like the other product, this one uses UV light to clean the inside and outside of a CPAP hose as well.

Alex Lucio and 3B Medical Inc. intends to be a global player in the sleep and respiratory products field. With double digit growth year after year, and a deep FDA pipeline for new products, 3B Medical’s performance has exceeded expectations for both product and community services. Their plans for 2018 include adding 20 to 30 manufacturing jobs at their location in Winter Haven, Florida.

Working at 3B Medical Inc., Alex Lucio gets a great feeling of satisfaction hearing from his patients (and their spouses!) about how getting a restful night’s sleep for the first time was life changing for them. He knows that his work will continue to impact the lives of his patients, and looks forward to the future successes of 3B Medical Inc.

Apart from his unwavering dedication to his business, Alex Lucio is most passionate about traveling the world and maintaining his overall health. He’s had an interest in travel from a young age and loves learning about new countries around the world by submerging himself in the culture. Alex frequently traveled with his parents as a teenager. One of his most vivid memories while traveling with his mom was watching ships sail through the Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal. Experiences like this helped Alex form a meaningful appreciation for the many experiences traveling has to offer. Learning about new cultures at a young age formed a passion for travel that still exists today.

Not only does Alex Lucio enjoy the varying cultures around the world, he also loves the historical aspects of traveling. Whether it’s hearing about the ancient settlers of the French Pyrenees or old wive’s tales of haunted castles, Alex is truly engaged and  fascinated. Alex travels for both business and leisure and enjoys sharing world experiences with his wife and children. He’s traveled across several cities in Europe like Athens, Frankfurt, Brussels, as well as several cities in Central America like San Juan and Panama. In the future, he wants to experience the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage from the French Pyrenees mountain range to Cabo Finisterre in Spain. Alex wants to complete this venture on foot.