The importance of good sound sleep cannot be overemphasized, especially when it comes to sufficient rest and good health. Unfortunately, there are numerous sleep distractors that can so easily deprive you from the much-needed sleep you need. Suffering from sleep deprivation can easily impair your fitness and wellness goals. Research has narrowed down five important things that can easily prevent you from getting sufficient sleep at night.


Anxiety and stress

Being too anxious as a result of daily concerns of life can easily make falling and staying asleep difficult. Anxiety releases brain-exciting hormones which keep your brain actively engaged during the night. Falling asleep under such conditions is, therefore, significantly hard. Anxiety causes lots of sleepless nights, accumulated stress, and reduced concentration.


Too much light

Bright lights in the bedroom can also impair your ability to relax and fall asleep. Since your eyes are sensory input organs, exposure to bright lights leads to the excitement of the brain, thereby leading to the inability to sleep well. This is the reason why bedrooms are painted with dull colors and have shaded lights to create an ambient atmosphere for dozing off.


Taking medications

Sometimes, medicine that has caffeine components can easily disrupt your ability to sleep well. Medications that contain stimulants, beta-blockers, and other brain-stimulating components, come with contraindications and side effects that lead to sleep deprivation. Taking such medicines in the hours of the evening can cause you to suffer sleep deprivation until late into the night.


Jet lag and shift work

The human body is used to sleeping and resting at night. In cases where the habitual lifestyle causes disruption of sleeping patterns, then you can easily suffer sleep deprivation. This is often the case when traveling across different time zones or working for extended durations of time, especially night shifts. In such cases, when you try to sleep during the day, sleep deprivation kicks in.