3B Medical, Inc. has developed “the easiest automated CPAP sanitizer,” called the Lumin. The device kills 99 percent of harmful bacteria with a one-touch, five-minute process. It’s considered the easiest, fastest and safest way to disinfect the CPAP mask and water chamber.

Other systems rely on harmful ozone which the EPA has issued strict warnings about. When inhaled, ozone can create multiple issues that are damaging to one’s health. Lung inflammation, shortness of breath, chest pain and chronic respiratory diseases like asthma can develop.

Unlike other systems, Lumin uses the same disinfecting method found in operating rooms and surgical centers around the world. A high-powered germicidal ultraviolet light rapidly neutralizes and kills harmful bacteria, mold and fungus.

For more information on how Lumin works, visit their website, www.3BLumin.com.

To get started, unpack the device, removing the user manual and instructions. To activate the automatic two-year warranty included, the Lumin device must be registered online at www.3BLumin.com.

When the heated water chamber is used with the CPAP device, moisture left behind after use on the CPAP mask and water chamber can grow and breed bacteria. To stay healthy and keep the mask and water chamber germ-free, it’s recommended to use Lumin daily:

  1. Remove the mask from the hose, and wipe clean using a CPAP wipe to remove any build-up.
  2.  Place the mask in the Lumin drawer face up.
  3. Press the “Start” button. The “In-Cycle” indicator light will turn red, signaling the start of the cleaning cycle.
  4. The cycle will run five minutes.
  5. Upon completion, a small chime will ring, and the green indicator light will come on. The device can now be used immediately.

It’s also recommended to disinfect the water chamber. Wipe the inside of the humidifier with a CPAP wipe or paper towel to remove any debris. Open the water chamber, and insert it in the drawer face up. Follow the same five-minute procedure.

Lumin is excellent for disinfecting personal items like toothbrushes, dentures, hearing aids and pacifiers. Lumin is easy to keep clean; the chamber is made of polished aluminum, so avoid baking soda and alkali cleaners. Don’t scrub the aluminum, or it can scratch.

Never immerse Lumin into water or any cleaning solvents.

Purchasing the Lumin device is the first step to a healthier, sleeping experience.