Alex Lucio’s Presentations

As the Executive Vice President of sleep disorder manufacturing company 3B Medical, Inc., Alex Lucio is exceptionally passionate about all things related to sleep and alleviating sleep apnea. Not only that, but he’s also passionate about helping people get a restful nights’ sleep they so desperately need. Alex often hears about how sleep apnea sufferers feel like they’re exhausted, and therefore, their significant others are tired and unhappy as well. But with assistance from devices Alex and the 3B Medical team develop, he is ecstatic to see such a large positive change in a person’s outlook on life. It’s one of the things Alex Lucio looks most forward to most in his job.

Under Alex Lucio‘s leadership, 3B Medical, Inc. was the first company in the world to produce a sleep apnea device that uses cloud technology. The invention features reporting in real time, which helps doctors to diagnose and treat sleep apnea more efficiently than ever. Since the product’s debut, Alex hears a lot of satisfaction from his customers about how getting a restful night’s sleep for the first time was life-changing for them — and their partners.

Given that he is so fervent towards sleep and sleep disorders, Alex Lucio enjoys writing about the topic in his spare time. From spotlighting industry news to talking about new developments in sleep disorders, to even helping people diagnose if they do or do not have sleep apnea, Alex fils his websites with helpful information about the topic. Below is a selection of educational presentations that are found on his Behance profile.

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